Avoid the risk. Know who your candidate really is

MultiLatin Employee Check solutions are designed to address the risks associated with selecting and hiring of new personnel throughout Latin America. Whether you are a Human Resources officer or an executive selecting and recruiting a new manager, you can trust in MultiLatin’s expertise on background screening and best practices of compliance with local and international laws. 

We have access to the most relevant and available official records and comply with data privacy and security laws across Latin America.

We observe the precepts of truthfulness, honesty and integrity. 

MultiLatin’s expert staff verifies for you:

  • A candidate’s personal and domicile information and crosschecks the data to rule out identity theft
  • Academic credentials and professional accomplishments listed in their CV
  • References provided by the candidate, including authenticity of referee
  • History of civil and labor litigation
  • Professional and personal reputation as reported in print and social media
  • Criminal records and litigation as well as presence on national  (i.e. Mexican) and international watch lists (OFAC, Interpol, PGR, etc.)
  • Credit history including bankruptcies, liens, problems with business contracts

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Employee Check

In most cases, companies can avoid fraud and corruption risks by simply verifying their employment candidates’ history. MultiLatin Employee Check solution is designed to reduce those risks when hiring a candidate for a key position in your company.

Partner Check

The greatest value of your company is its reputation. Do not let it be exposed to fraud and reputational risk by partnering with the wrong people. Adhere to policies requiring independent background checks on your trading partners and suppliers. 

Due Diligence

In order to determine the reputation and ability of an executive or a partner it may be necessary to consult with individual sources from industry, government, etc. MultiLatin has such in country resources to complement our background screening solutions.