Know what the industry says about your partner or candidate .We take you further: find what’s not been revealed yet.

Verifying the reputation of a strategic business partner or target acquisition is of paramount importance. The effort requires going further than a traditional verification of public information. At MultiLatin, we have the right solution for you.

We start by reviewing public registries and government agencies records to confirm key information from physical and legal existence of a company to any government sanction enforced. We look for any information that’s not been published that might harm your company’s reputation.

A MultiLatin Due Diligence includes a thorough investigation based on consultations with individual sources from industry, government and competitors to verify a partner or candidate’s reputation.  We seek to get the back story on a company and its principals.   

Our team of investigators look into: 

  • Self-reported and non-reported information by partner or candidate
  • Public registries and government data bases
  • Accreditation or membership to professional societies and recognition
  • Review of subsidiaries or associated companies and  the executive staff
  • Consultations with individual sources in the field to verify a candidate’s reputation
  • Analyze the information and give a trustful scope so you can take the best decisions

The aim of MultiLatin Due Diligence is to find what’s not been revealed yet so you can make the best decision.

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Employee Check

In most cases, companies can avoid fraud and corruption risks by simply verifying their employment candidates’ history. MultiLatin Employee Check solution is designed to reduce those risks when hiring a candidate for a key position in your company.

Partner Check

The greatest value of your company is its reputation. Do not let it be exposed to fraud and reputational risk by partnering with the wrong people. Adhere to policies requiring independent background checks on your trading partners and suppliers. 

Due Diligence

In order to determine the reputation and ability of an executive or a partner it may be necessary to consult with individual sources from industry, government, etc. MultiLatin has such in country resources to complement our background screening solutions.