Chile is one of the greatest economic success stories in Latin America. Having gone through 17 years of military rule and a subsequent return to democracy in 1990, Chile embraced sound economic and market oriented policies that lead the country to became one of the most stable and prosperous countries in the region.

Chile’s economy is characterized by strong financial institutions, strong foreign investment flows as well as a high level of foreign trade, in which commodities exports play a major role. It is member of 22 trade agreements with such trade partners as the European Union, Mercosur, China, India, South Korea and Mexico.

With this backdrop, demand for background screening solutions in the country is expected to grow. If you are hiring or contracting partners in Chile MultiLatin has the right solution for you. 

Our screening products:

  • Identity Check
  • Human Resources Check
  • Integrity Check
  • Criminal Record
  • Compliance

You can trust in MultiLatin’s best practices of compliance with international regulations and local laws. We are compliant with the Chilean laws for the protection of privacy and personal data. MultiLatin abides by international regulations regarding privacy notices, consent letters, ARCO (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) rights and data export.

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Employee Check

In most cases, companies can avoid fraud and corruption risks by simply verifying their employment candidates’ history. MultiLatin Employee Check solution is designed to reduce those risks when hiring a candidate for a key position in your company.

Partner Check

The greatest value of your company is its reputation. Do not let it be exposed to fraud and reputational risk by partnering with the wrong people. Adhere to policies requiring independent background checks on your trading partners and suppliers. 

Due Diligence

In order to determine the reputation and ability of an executive or a partner it may be necessary to consult with individual sources from industry, government, etc. MultiLatin has such in country resources to complement our background screening solutions.